Our Story

Our story starts with your story.  We are in this together and we do what it takes to look out for each other.

Rebuilding Together Sandoval County’s mission: 
For the people we serve, our work makes a big difference in the quality of their living.  RTSC was founded in 1999 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization originally called “Christmas in April”. From the very beginning, we were dedicated to helping our neighbors in Sandoval County who could not afford to make essential repairs to keep their homes safe and habitable. The original goal was to bring together volunteers once a year, in April, to do a project together. From that modest start, we have grown into an organization that provides year-round assistance to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize neighborhoods by providing rehabilitation services free of charge to those in need.

Our clients are your neighbors in Sandoval County. They are senior citizens living on social security who can’t afford to replace a water heater or fix a leaking roof. They are disabled veterans who have served their nation and can’t afford to buy a wheel-chair ramp, widen doors, or remodel bathrooms to accommodate their disabilities. They are families facing hard decisions as to whether to put food on the table or fix a furnace in the middle of winter. 

NEighbors in Need 

Albert, a Bernalillo man who was recently disabled and can no longer work. Albert formerly worked in construction, but an injury and subsequent surgeries have left him permanently confined to a wheelchair and on oxygen. At the time of his injuries, Albert had begun a home remodeling project and his entire kitchen and living area were without running water and electricity when he became disabled. RTSC wants to restore these basic utilities and make his home safe for him, since he has no other resources.

The [Re]Build Store

We know that our clients and neighbors need major home repairs to keep them safe in their homes. But we also know that they sometimes need clothes, blankets, home items, paint and painting supplies and many other items to keep their families and homes comfortable and secure. That's why we started the [Re]Build Store. We provide opportunities for donated items to be shared with our neighbors in need.